Monday, May 26, 2008

Followup to the below.

What CC said. Look, it takes a lot to get me to vote for a Liberal, as a rule. But it would be a hell of a lot easier if either the leader or the members of the party were doing anything. There's always talk, but nothing actually happens. There was a lot of talk about what Martha Hall-Findlay would do if we in Willowdale elected her. Well, she got elected. I see nothing that she has done. (And I'm shocked, simply shocked!) Christ, her fucking red bus has been parked across from Sheppard subway for months -- it may still be there, for all I know.

As I believe Idealistic Pragmatist has pointed out a few times, we don't actually have an Opposition -- at least, not in the Liberals. Maybe in the NDP and Bloc. What we have is a de facto grand coalition. The two largest parties are governing together: one explicitly, one tacitly. Given, then, that the policies of this government are policies that the Liberal Party of Canada clearly has no particular problem with, I see no reason to believe the rhetoric regarding Dion's sudden (1.5 years and counting = "sudden" to some) conversion into the savior of the Canadian way. Or to do anything other than point and laugh at those who do believe it.


Catelli said...

Oh your being to omean. Just be patient.

Remember, the cheque is in the mail, a representative will return your call shortly and Dion will be an effective leader.

ADHR said...

Because my vote is important to them. My blog may be monitored for quality control purposes.

undergroundman said...

It takes a lot for you to vote Liberal? What party do you vote for?

ADHR said...

I tend to be non-partisan. So, I vote based on the candidate and not the party.