Sunday, February 24, 2008

Two points on Ralph Nader

(1) If the Democratic candidate can't beat Ralph Nader and John McCain, then the candidate stinks. That was mostly Al Gore's problem (well, and the Republicans cheated). Al Gore now is a hell of a lot better as a candidate than Al Gore then. He didn't know how to fight the media and he didn't know how to beat the Republican machine. Obama can probably pants Nader and McCain. Clinton, I'm not sure about.

(2) Nader is an American citizen and he has the sovereign right to run for the presidency, or any public office he damn well chooses. The Democratic and Republican parties don't own the presidency; citizens like Nader do. And the fact that the system is gamed such that only the Democratic or Republican candidate has a snowball's chance says more about those two parties and the shitpile the system has become than it does about someone like Ralph Nader.

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