Thursday, February 21, 2008

So, who should I vote for?

Got my voter registration card today for the federal by-election in Willowdale. Why must the Willowdale candidates always suck? Here's who I get to choose from:
  • Martha Hall Findlay (Lib)
  • Maureen Harquail (Con)
  • Rini Ghosh (NDP)
  • Lou Carcasole (Green)
  • Vijay Sarma (Canadian Action)
  • Paul Barnes (Libertarian)
What a pile of shit.

Finding web information for some (Sarma, Barnes) is a pointless task. Not that I'd vote Libertarian, given the fundamental dishonesty of the Canadian libertarian parties (reset button, guys; reset button). I have voted Canadian Action in the past, but only because I knew the candidate and where he stood on issues. I have no idea who Sarma is or what he stands for.

Carcasole is a froo-froo Green, in that he's long on the "peace, love, and understanding", but short on the actual brass-tacks policy. Not my cup of tea. WTF happened to Torbjorn Zetterlund (who ran for the Greens in October)? That guy looked pretty decent. Yes, I know he was running as an MPP before, but why not run him as an MP, too?

I've complained about Ghosh over here, and I don't see any evidence that she's changed her stripes. No fucking clue what she'd do if elected. Except, apparently, wear a sari. (No, seriously, that's all you can tell about her from her site: she wears a sari. Go see.)

Findlay, as far as I can tell, is not qualified to be an MP. I say "as far as I can tell", as she hasn't obviously updated her website since she lost the leadership race to Stephane Dion. So, I don't know what she's running on, exactly. Maybe she's got some super awesome policy positions or something, but she seems to be keeping them a secret.

As for Harquail... well, I'd sooner vote for the Libertarian. The federal Cons

are so far beyond capable of governing, I'm actually losing respect for all

federal parties the longer they fail to bring the government down. Harquail's website hits the usual buttons of law and order bullshit. No policy positions. No evident principles. Fuck the Cons.

So, yeah. I'm inclined to vote federally because, AFAIK, each vote puts a (small) amount of public money into that party's coffers. But all these candidates stink. Even though the polling station is actually in my building, I'm considering not wasting my time.

Suggestions, anyone?


Catelli said...

Go protest vote and stick with Green Party?

I'm in the same place you are, and that's what I'm doing.

My $.02 for what that's worth.

watcher said...

Hi, I don't live in the riding and can't help you much except that you should definitely try to find some distinctions between these candidates and then vote.

I usually vote either NDP or Liberal so I checked out your links on these candidates and I see what you mean. What is the "student movement" that Ghosh says she is so connected to? If there is one overall "movement" students belong to, I'd say it should be to graduate.

My husband met Findlay and was very impressed with her positive attitude and he seemed to find common ground with her on a lot of things they discussed, but I don't see much on her website to hang on to beyond her leadership race material.

I agree with you on the Harper-Conservatives. Hope there is something for you from one of the other candidates. Maybe you'll get a chance to meet some of them before voting.

ADHR said...


Yeah, that's where I'm leaning, too. He doesn't have a hope of winning, so at least the party can get some money out of it.


Ghosh, I think, is somehow involved in York U student politics. I think I read that about here somewhere. Why that makes her a better NDP candidate is obscure to me.

I'm rapidly running out of people to vote for as I can't, in good conscience, vote for a Liberal except a Garth Turner-styled one who has an independent mind and will dissent from the party if it serves the interests of the riding. As is, like the Cons, Liberals tend to march in lockstep regardless of personal convictions. If Findlay could give some indication that she's more like Turner, then I might consider voting for her. But I don't see it, and I don't expect to. This riding was Peterson's for so long, I expect Findlay to ride his reputation into Parliament, simply because she's his successor.