Sunday, November 11, 2007

Links roundup.

What the fuck...? The RIAA strikes again. See this and weep for the future.

From the "no shit" file: apparently, US health insurers pay their employees to cut people off and deny claims. Next installment: water is on the wettish side.

Digby has a piece on the bizarre recent claim by a US intelligence official that "Privacy ... should mean that government and businesses properly safeguards people's private communications and financial information." While I'm down with the idea that norms of privacy can and must change -- we have to, for example, get used to the idea that unknown persons on the internet can use satellite imagery to look at what we're doing in public -- the idea that privacy means large institutions, not all of them accountable to the public, are in charge of our personal information is patently absurd. That's got nothing to do with privacy. It's like banking, but for information instead of money. And I barely trust my bank to get my bill payments through on time. Now I'm supposed to trust something similar with every detail of my private communications? Fuck that shit.

Anyone else seen those freaky WSIB "avoid work accidents" PSAs? I saw the one with the woman burning herself the other night and thought it went just a leedle over the top. (Although it didn't really freak me out, as I could see a big hole in the injury sustained. Namely, if you're talking and get boiling water all over yourself, it'll sear your throat, rendering your voice noticeably hoarse. Her screams seemed normal to me.) Anyhoo, they're on YouTube, if you're into that kinda thing:,, There's also two equally OTT PSAs on domestic abuse:, (h/t Scott Keith.)

Finally (h/t RVD), here's Henry Ford's hemp car:

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