Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Still not dead.

I've had some time to think about the direction for this blog. Snarking about MSM and blog articles if fun, but ultimately not satisfying. At least not to me. The most satisfying thing I've blogged here recently was the long healthcare post. I'm thinking I should be doing more like that. I'd also like to inject some more philosophy into the blog. As astute (and non-feed-using) readers will note, my profile on the right has changed to reflect the fact that I've gotten a contract teaching position at Trent in Oshawa this coming academic year. Hence, I feel the need to hone my philosophical chops as much as I can.

The plan, thus, is this. One policy/politics related post at the beginning of each week (Monday to Wednesday). One philosophy related post at the end (Thursday to Sunday). Both will be fairly lengthy and in-depth. I may, occasionally, resort to snarking if I feel it's well-deserved.

With regard to the policy/politics business, I'm currently planning a six-part series (starting today, ending the week of September 5th) on electricity generation. I'll start today with the principles I consider relevant to deciding between various forms of electricity generation; then move (in four parts) through data relevant to these principles, grouped into several categories (petrochemical, current non-petrochemical, future development possibilities, and the ideal sources); and conclude with an evaluation of all sources. My suspicion is that fission will win out, but if the data don't back it up, then I'll conclude differently. Beyond that, I'm thinking of tackling the issue of open access to research. I don't yet have plan for addressing it, though.

With regard to philosophy, I have a number of saved papers I find interesting and worthy of comment. I'm also still working on my friggin' dissertation proposal draft, so I'll probably start with an early run-through of an argument I'm going to open the diss. with. Since it's a first-run, it'll probably be full of holes, but I'm hoping that running through it will at least show me where it's weak and where it works pretty well.

I'm hoping this won't chase away my (handful of) readers. But, even if it does, I think it's a plan I can stick to even when the academic year picks up again, so I'm hoping to see it through long-term.

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