Sunday, July 01, 2007

Thinking Blogger meme.

Psychols tagged me with the Thinking Blogger meme. I've only now had the opportunity to peruse my (lengthy!) list of read blogs and try to narrow it down to five that make me think. I've come up with three philosophers and two political bloggers. I've put the latter at the end, so you'll have to look through the philosophers to find them. Mwah hah!

Alonzo Fyfe has a fascinating blog, exploring various problems in applied ethics from the angle of his own version of desire utilitarianism. I don't agree with the underlying ethical principles, but I always find the analyses cautious and worthy reading.

Eric Schwitzgebel blogs on issues in philosophy of psychology, "broadly construed" -- which sounds suspiciously like how I often describe my own specialization. "Broadly construed" is a neat way of saying, in effect, "I started by looking at these problems, but then it kinda got out of hand." Eric's currently blogging a lot about phenomenological issues in philosophical psychology, which is something I've found interesting for a number of years.

Richard Chappell will, I suspect, be one of those annoying guys who's hired right out of grad school into a tenure-track position at an R1 university. No, I'm not bitter; the guy would deserve it. He's far-ranging in his interests and always perspicacious -- although rarely right. (Of course, I would say that....)

Chester Scoville is probably the most erudite member of the Canadian political blogosphere. He's certainly the most literate one I've ever come across. Good, careful, topical arguments with a rhetorical flair I wish I could match.

Finally, Devin Johnston is an infrequent blogger, but his essays are always worth looking through and considering carefully. I don't know of anyone else who attempts as much hard policy work as he does, and I greatly appreciate his efforts. Again, I don't agree with him, but I respect him.

Extra special bonus tag to Undergroundman (UGM), regular TRSSASTT commentator and sparring partner. I think he's wrong about most things, and I'm confident he thinks the same about me. However, nearly everything he's blogged is something I've found worth discussing.

Edit: Had to go searching, but the origin of the meme is here.


Chester N. Scoville said...

Thanks very much, and happy Canada Day!

Anonymous said...

My ego is inflated enough - still, I'm tickled and love a good disagreement. :)

I wonder if I could tag five bloggers...I know that I don't really read five blogs consistently.