Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where I've gone.

I'm neither dead nor dying, I swear. But my dissertation proposal draft nears completion, and I really need to stay away from blogging until I finish that thing. (But after that....)

Also, the university has been fucking around with my funding. First it was supposed to start being paid on May 25th, then June 25th, and now it's this Thursday... we'll see what happens on Thursday.... Just imagine not being paid regularly since the end of April and you'll see why this is a source of concern.

Finally, there's the whole Chris Benoit thing. If you haven't heard, surf over to Google News and search on the name. I don't normally care one way or the other about people I've never met (note my total lack of posting anything about Richard Rorty's recent death), but I respected Benoit for his ambition, his work ethic -- generally, his character. Now, I know that good people sometimes do bad things, but this was, by all accounts, a really good person, who did a really bad thing. It's disturbing, to say the least.

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