Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Globe and Mail embarrasses itself. Also: water is wet.

Gah! What in the nine hells is this?! Jesus. I knew some of the US papers were embarrassing themselves vis-a-vis the new creation "museum" opened down thar, but the stupidity demonstrated by the G&M is pretty close. Some choice quotes (WARNING: Not to be read while eating):
Debunking evolution in dinosaur land
"Evolution is a faith, so is creation. We were not there, they were not there. Which faith fits the facts?"
The theory of creation science is not as widely accepted in Canada as it is in the United States.
it's too bad that the creation museum and the Tyrrell museum couldn't work together. "The Tyrrell is good place, but it has its timelines all wrong," she said. "The world can't be billions of years old."
Of course, I can't forget the token two sentences at the end from a paleontologist (read: someone who actually knows what he's talking about). Because, after all, it's not really lazy hack journalism if you give the "other side" some minimal chance to make "their" case.

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