Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Religion on campus.

I despair. According to this, religious activity is growing, not fading, on US college campuses. Personally, I blame society.

On a more serious note, though, shit like this underscores how important it is for the godless and proud to keep kicking away at the awful edifice that is religion. If even increased education isn't a sufficient shield, then we have to find other ways to keep this nonsense from spreading.

Incidentally, would it have killed the NYT to find an atheist to point out that this is a bad trend? Y'know, in keeping with the he-said, she-said school of "journalism".


Scott Tribe said...

Everyone has the right to believe or not believe in whatever they want. Just as the fundamentalists of any religious sect shouldn't be imposing their views on the society, so should the ones who don't believe in anything not try to impose their views on those who have spirituality or find it.

ADHR said...

Ah, the strawman argument....

There's a difference between what I said and what you're imputing to me. What I said was that the godless (who are, apparently, losing ground to idiocy) should be criticizing religion more harshly and trying to "convert" (if that is the word) more people. At no point did I suggest anything about "imposing" views on society, nor did I suggest that there was no "right" (if that is the word) to believe as one chooses.

There's a clear distinction between forcing people to believe something and strenuously trying to convince them to believe something. If there isn't, then your very comment is self-refuting, as by trying to convince me I'm wrong you would be trying to impose your belief on me.

undergroundman said...

Who wants to be the asshole who brings up religion? And have you ever "converted" a religious person?

Let's be practical here.

Also, statistics say that religion is actually on the decline. Perhaps the religious are just more studious (that wouldn't surprise me) and find it easier to get into prestigious schools.

Scroll down to the religion section. :)

By the way, how was he presenting a straw man argument? You said religious people are stupid, he said they are not necessarily stupid.

ADHR said...

Why should I be practical? ;) The point is not to convert those who are already committed, but to convince those who haven't made up their minds yet. Then just wait for the religious to die off....

It's certainly possible that there's a selection bias at work. I'm not convinced, incidentally, that godlessness is on the rise; a rejection of organized religion isn't quite the same thing.

The strawman was that he claimed I was trying to compel people to believe something (he said people have a "right" to believe as they chose, and warned against "imposing" beliefs on others).