Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Digg implosion.

Man, last night's Digg-swarm was funny. Quick collection of links:The short version is that someone on some relatively obscure forum posted the encryption key for some HD DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. This was then, repeatedly, Dugg (Aside: is that the past tense of Digg? Or should it be Digged?) and, without warning, taken off the Digg mainpage. This, unsurprisingly, produced a revolt in the community, with the consequence that the Digg admins waved the white flag due to their inability to keep articles containing the key off the front page.

Some funny things. First, the knowledge of the key is apparently not new. Second, it's a fucking hexadecimal string: it's a number. Yet, the Digg admins are apparently worried that they can be successfully sued for posting a number. Third, they're idiots: the first post they took down had 15,000+ Diggs -- did they really think no one would notice when that vanished?

On the whole, I think it's funny as hell. You can't possibly copyright, trademark, or otherwise protect a number; nor can you prevent it from being distributed. By way of example, I give you this cat. And also, this label.

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