Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So-called ''piracy'' in Canada.

Michael Geist in the Star is often a good read, even though I don't usually agree with him. This time, it's different: he picks apart (refutation in the weak sense) the claims of the Canadian and US movie industries on whether Canada is really a "haven" for movie piracy. Shockingly, we aren't. See here.

Then, see here. Some random coalition of corporate interests in the US wants Canada to be added to a "priority watch list" of copyright "threats". I swear, I can barely type this without giggling. Read the Geist piece, then read the Globe & Mail piece, and you'll see why: these threats, as with most rhetoric emanating from the US these days, are entirely without substance and constructed on little more than (hot) air. It would be nice to think that Harper and the Cons will just tell them to fuck off, but it's more likely that Parliament will have to, through stalemate, do what the government, through action, will not.

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