Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Random the Sixth.

So, I'm trying to avoid the lengthy posts of short comments. I'll keep these "random" ones to just the very short comments instead. Short comments (and, of course, the mini-essays) will get their own posts.

Hey, everyone knows the meme about how conservatives are better at finance than socialists, right? Turns out, not so much.

Here is an AP article on a study (which I can't seem to find the original of) that claims to have found a correlation between darker skin tone and lessened earnings, but also between being shorted and lessened earnings. Oddly, though, there's nothing in the article about the horrible discrimination faced by the short. So, is it okay to discriminate against people on one irrelevant basis (height) but not another (skin tone)? Just asking.

This is old, but I laughed. According to the Calgary Herald, here, a prof at UCalgary has concluded that political bloggers are lonely, friendless losers on par with terrorists. That's no the funny part; it's too wrong to be funny. This comment from the prof is the funny part (to get the joke, you have to know that an academic book that sells 400 copies is a bestseller):
"I don't want to be a prophet of gloom, but many are writing a sermon that no one is going to hear."
No shit?

Anyone who doesn't believe that anti-immigrant hysteria that ebbs and flows through the American pundit class isn't, at its base, racist is invited to read here and here about the resurgence of the KKK. Yes, that KKK. Next.

Earlier (second from the bottom), I blogged about the possible encroachment of authoritarianism in Venezuela. This interesting essays suggests that it's a possibility that's not likely to come to fruition. I'm fairly convinced.

I'm not surprised to read here that chimpanzees may have entered a "Stone Age" prior to our own, consisting of the widespread use of stone tools. As the article notes, chimps today use tools for a variety of tasks; that historical chimps used them as well should follow from that observation. Really, the find just confirms what we could have easily expected. Still, it does raise problems for anyone still committed to the idea that humans are inherently and uniquely special.

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