Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Leaving teachers behind.

Bullshit, bullshit. See here: in their infinite ignorance, the US federal government is going to tie teachers' jobs to students' performance on standardized tests. Tell ya what: when parents' right to keep their children is similarly tied to their performance in the world (and multinational agribusiness for childrens' health, etc, etc) then this is fair. Otherwise, it's nothing more than a politically expedient means of failing to solve a multifactorial problem. Singling out teachers will, at best, discourage qualified educators from bothering to teach in the US.

Money quote:
The school board and superintendent had better come up with the money to get her all the supplies and help she [Zakia Sims, first-grade teacher] needs. And parents had better get their kids to school on time, rested, well dressed and well fed. "All the stakeholders need to be involved," she says. "It can't just be teachers."


undergroundman said...

What's a better solution, again? Videotaping classrooms and having bureaucrats watch the tapes?

As a student I can tell who is a good teacher and who isn't. How can we translate that into policy?

ADHR said...

Can you tell? Really? I'm not so sure, having been on both sides of a classroom.

In any event, the point of this post was actually a little different: namely, that holding teachers fully accountable for students' achievement, when they are at best only partially responsible for it, is obviously unfair.