Tuesday, August 15, 2006

If I'd voted for this guy, I'd be a little peeved.

Remember Wajid Khan, the guy who here decided to cozy up to PM Stevie's office, by acting as an "advisor" on the Middle East? (One wonders how much of this is sincere, and how much is PR damage control.) Apparently, according to this, he won't be serving as assistant defence critic any more (not really a big deal), and won't be part of caucus meetings (a much bigger deal). What Khan has said is that he's going to help out the PM and skip out of participating in the party that he's actually a member of. That is, he was elected as a Liberal, but he's going to be helping the Conservatives. Which means he's basically left the party.

In addition to my earlier concerns about how secretive Khan's "advice" is going to be, this contributes to my growing suspicion that the Liberals really have no interest in playing the role of Opposition: to the point that they'll prop up the Conservative government in order to get just a little taste of governance themselves.

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