Wednesday, August 23, 2006

First Napster, now guitar tab. (When will this end?)

I can't believe the music industry sometimes. I don't even have words to describe how stupid this is. Music industry trade groups are trying to shut down sites that offer fan-written guitar tablature. That is, when fans take the trouble to transcribe the music they listen to, and put up a website offering downloads of those transcriptions, in the music industry's eyes, these fans are committing a hideous felony and infringing on their copyright (and, of course, profit). As I said, I don't have words to express how stupid this is.


Cidney said...

(Again I'm too late to read the source article! Alas.)

I could see a justification for that if licensed tabulatures we're available for purchase; however, this hardly seems to be the case.

ADHR said...

Actually, that link still works for me, and I cleared my cache beforehand.

It seems that anything that's remotely related to copyright-protected music is, in the industry's eyes, inviolate. Regardless of considerations of fair use -- or whether it's actually infringing on their copyright.