Friday, August 18, 2006

Cons attack the poor. Again.

Y'know, it's getting a bit tiring having to note when the federal Conservatives try to asault the poor. Here the NDP catches the Cons in a blatant lie. On the one hand, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Diane Finley, said that funding for affordable housing wouldn't be touched. On the other hand, Toronto's funding will be cut by $5.8 million, London's by $513,000, Ottawa's by $1 million and Yellowknife's by $416,000. (That would be $7,729,000 in known cuts.) Nice.


Anonymous said...

There is a big difference between 'attacking' a group and not financially supporting a group.

I choose not to support many worthwhile charities because I prioritize my discretionary spending. But just because I don't give money to Amnesty International and the SPCA doesn't mean that I'm attacking them.

Being so blatantly partisan only makes you look foolish.

ADHR said...

Likewise, I'm sure. Your problem is that you've neglected the promise the Conservatives made to maintain the funding. To follow your example, if I promise to donate $1000 to AI and the SPCA, then, reasonably, the organizations could plan projects on the basis of having that money. If I then only donate $200, I've clearly attacked them: I set up their expectations, then deliberately undercut them.

Failing to engage with the actual issue only makes you look foolish.