Thursday, August 03, 2006

As if you needed more proof Republicans are cheaters....

The Republican Party has been funnelling money to the Green Party in the Pennsylvania US Senate race in order to split the progressive vote and get their boy, Rick Santorum (he of "man on dog" fame) re-elected. Rather than complaining about it, though, I suggest the Democrats do a similar thing and fund the Libertarian Party, to try to bleed off the fiscal from the social conservatives. Although the Republican move is clearly dirty, I'm not convinced that it's morally wrong, so why not use their own strategy against them?


Anonymous said...

The Greens and the Libertarians need to get together like they did with Kevin Zeese this past 2006 election.

Great candidate. I wish I'd lived in Maryland so I could vote for him.

ADHR said...

The US desperately needs a viable third party, if not more. I'm not sure it'll happen at the presidential level any time soon, though. Given the vast level of support needed to get elected president, any third party that stood a real shot would likely force a change to the 12th Amendment, which currently seems to allow the House to decide the President if no one candidate manages to get a majority of the votes. It'd be easier to get one started at the Congressional level, which is likely what the Greens and Libs (and, I note from Wikipedia, the Populists) were thinking with Kevin Zeese.

What's odd about Canada, of course, is that we do have viable third parties, but the two main parties persist in trying to follow the US model, instead of giving up and following the Italian coalition-building model. (A model I approve of, incidentally. With a highly-educated populace, it makes sense to either do away with parties completely, or have more ideologically-focused parties that much negotiate with each other.)