Monday, August 07, 2006

Another reason the US needs universal health insurance.

Apparently, Medicare may become insolvent. Now, the article does cite the lunatic "Social Security will go bankrupt!" arguments, but it raises a good point. The US is not immune to the same pressures that the Canadian healthcare system is facing -- doctor shortages, rising medical costs, an aging population -- and US health costs are, per person, higher than in Canada. So, Medicare is likely to go broke far before the Canadian health insurance systems (which, really, aren't in much danger of going broke).

Unfortunately, the article typifies what's wrong with US healthcare thinking, and advises private investment to cover the costs. Which is nice for those who have money to spare, but I don't, off the top of my head, know many who are even in my bracket (twenty-something, college-educated, employed enough to pay the bills), let alone lower down, who have money to invest in anything. One wonders what the middle (and lower) classes are supposed to do.

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