Monday, July 24, 2006

Wolf Blitzer vs. John Cleese.

Let us contrast Wolf Blitzer's sanctimonious condemnations of comedians, who are deservedly mocking the American right's claims about "World War III", with the sage words of John Cleese:
No subject is ever too serious for humour. I think many people have a basic misunderstanding: There's a difference between being serious and being solemn. We could be talking about things that are extremely serious -– our marriages, the education of our children, politics, even the meaning of life -- and laughing quite a lot and that wouldn't make what we were talking about one bit less serious. But solemnity, on the other hand; I don't know what it's for. Solemnity serves pomposity, self-importance, and egotism. And the pompous and the self-important always know at some level that their egotism is going to be punctured by humour. That's why they always see humour as negative, as a threat to them personally. And so they dishonestly criticize it as frivolous and light-minded.
In other words, frivolity contrasts with seriousness, with regards to the weight one gives to a subject matter; on the other hand, humour contrasts with solemnity, with regards to the way in which one expresses oneself on an issue. Indeed, I'd suggest that most solemn people are treating the issues they discuss in an incredibly frivolous manner: the posturings of politicians on legislature floors are an obvious example.


Marshall Darts said...

Can Wolf Blitzer Survive The Latest Middle East Conflict?

On a much lighter note than the previous two posts, I saw Wolf Blitzer on CNN tonight. They finally talked him into getting out of the "Situation Room" and over to Israel. Of course he's in Jerusalem, as far away from rockets coming from either north or south of Israel as you can get right now.

He "interviewed" Benjamin Netanyahu tonight. He allowed Netanyahu to overpower him with a monologue that Wolf wasn't able to stop. He didn't know what to ask and he wasn't strong enough to stop Netanyahu to ask a tough question. He looked as if he was in a coma as Netanyahu went on and on giving the party line.

I can't see Wolfy in the Situation Room much longer. Not when CNN has a real journalist, John Roberts from CBS, under contract.

Wolf's delivery is so monotone and dull that the Situation Room is the only news program on TV where they have to have a snare drum playing in the background while he announces headlines.

Get it over with, CNN. Replace Wolf with Roberts and you can drop the drum as a way of trying to introduce drama into the headlines.

ADHR said...

It's not terribly surprising that he'd let Netanyahu walk over him. According to Wikipedia, Blitzer started his career in Tel Aviv and worked for the Jerusalem Post. Frankly, I'd take Anderson Cooper over Blitzer -- at least Anderson will stand up to his interview subjects and has a discernable personality.