Thursday, July 20, 2006

Why are some bureaucrats such babies?

For the non-Torontonians: there's been a bit of a stir recently involving our not terribly beloved TTC. There was a wildcat strike in protest of work conditions and reassignment of hours. The general manager quit, citing interference from city council. The interfering councillor faced (and survived) a non-confidence vote from council. Then, in the middle of an article about "improving security" by changing subway seating, there's this little gem:
After the vote, Mr. [Mark] Grimes [TTC commissioner] stood up and resigned as a commissioner, saying he could no longer serve with Mr. Moscoe as chair. "Obviously my voice is not going to be heard," Mr. Grimes said.
No, Mr. Grimes, your voice was heard: there was a vote, and you lost. Get over it. If you can't do a job knowing that you may not always get your way, then you shouldn't have taken it in the first place.

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