Tuesday, July 11, 2006

White supremists enlisting in US military.

I'm sure this is overblown, but the idea that white supremists are deliberately entering the US military in order to wreak racist violence is a little disturbing. I'm not sure how one could prevent it, really. Although their views are simply vile, white supremists are US citizens and they can enlist if they want to. As long as they past the appropriate tests, they're in. The idea that there could be a "racist" test (particularly one that couldn't be beaten) seems impossible to me. Even if it is possible, though, that suggests a dangerous slippery slope: should liberals be excluded from the military? Atheists? Misanthropes? Mormons? After all, if you can test for one thing and exclude on that basis, why not another? So, it seems that the only thing to do is dump another responsibility in the laps of senior personnel, and have them watch for any racially-motivated incidents, and then respond accordingly.

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