Thursday, July 20, 2006

The students everyone hates.

Everyone who stands at the front of a university classroom hates this kind of student. The point of a university education is not job training. That's the point of vocational schooling. If you want to get a job, go into the trades or go to community college. If you're in university, though, you're there to become a more well-rounded human being and a generally better thinker, learner, and knower. If you can't fathom that purpose, if you sit in liberal arts classes and bitch and moan about how it isn't "relevant" to your major, then you really need to just get the hell out and make room for someone who'll actually make good use of the opportunity.

It's even worse than the "I paid for this class, give me an A" attitude. Students pay for an opportunity, and they pay for educators' time and expertise. That's it. They don't pay for results, any more than someone goes to their doctor and pays for a particular diagnosis.

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