Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stevie doesn't get the Middle East.

Uh, right. PM Stevie is more clueless than even I could have supposed. Here's the statements he's trying to claim are consistent:
  1. Israel's attacks on Lebanon are a "measured response".
  2. Sending in an international peace-keeping force would be "premature".
  3. Hezbollah should negotiate a peace settlement.
  4. Hezbollah wants to destroy Israel.
So, in short, Stevie wants to claim that Israel can pretty much do whatever the hell it wants (by (1)), the international community shouldn't yet try to stop them (by (2)), Hezbollah are fundamentally evil (by (4)), but they should still negotiate (by (3)). I'm confused: why, exactly, would Hezbollah want to negotiate with people who think their enemies are completely right, and that they (Hezbollah) has no business even existing?

It's also worth noting in the same article PM Stevie's lunatic statement on the Afghanistan mission:
"I visited Vimy because we are proud of the Canadians who contributed to the liberation of France during both wars, particularly during World War I," he said. "The efforts of our soldiers who fought for justice and liberty are being repeated today in Afghanistan, where troops from both our countries are engaged in a battle to secure security, justice and liberty."
So, basically, fighting in World War I against a force that wanted to, literally, take over the world (or at least a big chunk of it) is equivalent to trying (and failing) to repel the re-takeover of a distant country by a fundamentalist religious group. These are the same thing in Harper's world because, according to him, these are fights for "justice and liberty". (Why do I get the feeling that Stevie doesn't have any idea what these words mean, and uses them simply as manipulate people emotionally?)

Although, this is the guy who didn't send enough ships for all the refugees. Who else is to blame? Our good "friends", the Israelis:
Those left behind at the port said they were told by embassy officials that the other six ships – all from Turkey – had not been guaranteed safe passage by the Israelis.
So, in short, they've carelessly killed eight Canadians, and yet they still can't be bothered to let Canada get its citizens out of the country. See here for an example of what Harper should have said to the Israelis.

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