Monday, July 31, 2006

Republicans and the minimum wage.

It figures that increasing the US federal minimum wage would get bogged down in partisan bickering. The Republicans have tacked on a rider involving yet more needless tax cuts. (The estate tax, again. I find it odd that the allegedly "conservative" party is in favour of cutting a tax that encouarges individuals to rely on their own industry, rather than the of their parents.) However, the wage increase is pretty negligible anyway. The minimum wage has lagged so far behind the actual costs of living in the US that it should probably be doubled to be considered a real "minimum wage". So, all in all, it's at best a token gesture on the part of the Democrats. It's notable, though, that Republicans can't even endorse a token gesture on the behalf of the poor without ensuring that the filthy rich get an even bigger piece of the pie.

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