Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Quebec and seperation.

The PQ are getting desperate. They're losing ground in the polls to the Liberals, which is unheard of. A few years ago, Charest was the most hated man in Quebec, and now he may actually have a chance at re-election, So, he runs his mouth, says Quebec has the economic means to survive independently, and the PQ try to pounce. Problem is, Charest's wrong. Quebec as it is may be able to survive independently, if it were to be able to negotiate trade deals with Canada and the US. (I have no idea how they could trade overseas, as Boisclair has said somewheres.) But, Quebec wouldn't leave Canada intact. I'd be surprised if the First Nations in the north of Quebec would be happy with the whole idea of leaving Canada to become part of a sovereign Quebec -- they might want to form their own country, for that matter. This eats up a pretty big chunk of land, plus natural resources. It's not clear to me whether Quebec produces enough food for its populace, but I sincerely doubt it. I'm not sure if they produce enough power. In short, there's some big questions raised by Charest's broad assertion that neither he nor the PQ seem to be interested in engaging with.

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