Thursday, July 27, 2006

PEI and electoral gerrymandering.

According to this, the Prince Edward Island (PEI) government is trying to redraw the electoral boundaries in order to increase the number of members that can be elected from traditionally Conservative rural ridings. It's not surprising that a government would be this hackish and power-hungry -- rather than being driven by considerations of fairness, they are clearly being driven by self-protection and -promotion. (This is the third attempt at redrawing the boundaries, and was funded by the ruling Conservative party.) What's surprising is that the citizenry is actually fighting back -- city council of the provincial capital (Charlottetown) is threatening to sue the provincial government in order to stop this from going ahead. It had honestly never occurred to me that there would be a group of people sufficiently opposed to this sort of unjust nonsense to actually do something (as compared to, oh, say, whining on a blog). I'm impressed; even inspired. Well, not inspired. Impressed, though.

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