Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ontario Cons not so different from federal version.

Apparently, some backbench Ontario MPP mouthed off about the Atlantic provinces and their "have not" status, when it was suggested that Ontario regulate gas prices like the Atlantic provinces. It was stupid, and he seems to have been smacked (albeit lightly) by McGuinty. The prize, though, is the remark from a Conservative MPP:
Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod (Nepean-Carleton), who was born in New Glasgow, N.S., said: "It comes as no surprise that the same Liberal government that would take an us-versus-them approach with the other provinces on fiscal imbalance would actually allow one of its MPP to make such a hostile and insensitive comment."
"Allow"? "Allow"? Tells you something about the Conservative party, even in Ontario, if MPPs think they can't say something unless "allowed" to.

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