Friday, July 21, 2006

A new poll suggests the Cons are out of touch. (Try to contain your surprise.)

Here we find a new poll (from a firm that, unfortunately, tends to overestimate Con support by about 5%). Ignoring the unreliable numbers on party support (although it does show the Greens and NDP gaining, the BQ holding steady, and the Libs tumbling), the issue-by-issue support (compared to the last poll, in June 2005) is interesting. Number 1 is health care (it's always health care), but the number has increased by a third, to 20%. Environmental issues have almost doubled, up to 12%. Terrorism has more than tripled, up to 7%. Everything else has not varied significantly, except for: government stability (down to less than half, at 7%) and the Liberal sponsorship scandal (down to less than a tenth, at 1%). So, basically, the issue the Cons partially won on is now negligible; the issue they're hammering on to try to win a majority ("Canadians need stable government!") is losing support; and the two issues they're weakest on are the top two priorities.

Methinks Mr. Harper et al should be very careful about when they pull the trigger on the next election, given that even their friendliest pollsters aren't being terribly hopeful.

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