Monday, July 31, 2006

McGuinty and equalization.

Apparently, Dalton McGuinty is getting blamed for the recent collapse of the talks between premiers on so-called federal-provincial equalization payments. I don't have much to say on it, really. The whole thing is a bit of a bugbear: a way for McGuinty to try to distract from his inability to govern Ontario, a way for the other premiers to posture at Ontario's expense, a way for Harper to avoid actually doing anything that would improve Canada. But here's something I find really interesting: according to the article, the premiers of BC, New Brunswick and Newfoundland/Labrador are favourable towards McGuinty's ideas. Those are, respectively, a Liberal (in name, at least), a Tory, and a Tory. Which means that, lined up against McGuinty, are a Tory (Klein, Alberta), a Dipper (Doer, Manitoba), a Tory (MacDonald, Nova Scotia), a Tory (Binns, PEI), a Liberal (Charest, Quebec), and a Dipper (Calvert, Saskatchewan). That is, one Liberal and two Tories support McGuinty (a Liberal), while three Tories, two NDPers, and a Liberal are against McGuinty. Or, to make the point really stark, one Liberal and two non-Liberals are with McGuinty, while one Liberal and five non-Liberals are against him. Party politics, anyone?

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