Friday, July 21, 2006

M. Night Shyamalan.

I had hoped that Lady in the Water, M. Night Shyamalan's latest film, might improve from his last effort, The Village. While not nearly as bad as most people thought, it was a far cry from The Sixth Sense's well-executed twist and genuine eerieness, and Unbreakable's dark heroism. If this and this are to be believed, though, it might take another film for Shyamalan to turn it around. Ah, well. I'll still probably see the thing, if only to try to figure out where he's going so badly wrong. (Personally, I think it was the moment in Signs when you first saw the aliens, and they looked like friggin' Greys. It would've been much more effective as a film if, not only did you never see the aliens, but it remained completely unclear whether there were any aliens at all.)


Anonymous said...

Signs basically sucked, too, even though I loved The Sixth Sense.

ADHR said...

Signs started well, I thought. The atmosphere is effectively weird and creepy. It just falls apart, though, once you see those aliens. What made The Sixth Sense work was that you didn't know what was really going on until the very end: is the kid crazy? or is he telling the truth? and how does Bruce Willis connect to all this? etc. Signs gave the game away at the beginning of the third act, and said third act was almost completely unwatchable.

Unbreakable was the other one that managed to basically get the formula right, although it, too, revealed a little too much too soon. It would've been more effective if we didn't really know Bruce Willis had superpowers until right at the end.