Friday, July 21, 2006

The last word (for now) on Bush's stem-cell veto.

This is the most apt comment I've seen on Bush's stem-cell veto. (But mine is pretty good, too.)

Here the Toronto Star's editors weigh in, but they miss the boat in the last paragraph:
But in the long run, what hurts U.S. research hurts all of us. The U.S. has the critical mass of scientists and the funding to support them, all of which will be stifled by Bush's veto.
Given the Bush admin's stance on scientific issues ranging from evolution to climate change to stem-cell research, it's a safe bet that scientists are going to start leaving. Indeed, scuttlebutt in academic circles is that academics are, in increasing numbers, looking for positions outside the US -- either leaving ones they're already got, or not taking ones that're offered. The US institutions still have the bucks to attract the top-flight talent, but it's only a matter of time, at this point, until the tipping-point is crossed and no amount of money could make up for the stifling of legitimate research interests.

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