Monday, July 31, 2006

The kind of person you just can't reach.

Apparently, some people live in a bubble and don't care: here we find the following gem in the comments:
If scientific journals agree on global warming then they aren't very scientific are they? And if they select only what they agree with, they aren't journals either. Science demands skepticism. Scientific consensus is not science at all.
Wow. So, if there's debate, then it's science, but you can pick which side you like. If there's no debate (i.e., the debate is over), then it's not science, so you don't have to pay attention. Wow. I've never seen a better example of a self-sealing attitude.


mayport said...

I suppose sitting up there in Canada gives you Canadians special insight into every aspect of American society. At any rate, it certainly gives you free license to criticize just about anything and everything about us. Sod off, buddy!

ADHR said...

It's called "the right to free speech" combined with "critical thinking ability". I know the "average" American has never gotten either concept, so I'm not surprised they've escaped your meagre understanding! If the blog bothers you that much, why are you wasting your time reading it?

(And... "sod off"? No one actually says that. No one.)