Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Joe Lieberman running as an independent.

Talk about entitlement: even if he loses his primary, Joe Lieberman will still run for Senate as an independent. Now, he has as much right to run as anyone; and, if he can do it as an independent, more power to him. If he thinks the party is making a mistake by (very probably) not choosing him, then he should run on his own. However. The idea that he deserves the seat -- and doesn't have to earn it by, say, convincing party members to vote for him -- is deplorable. And the idea that he can have it sewn up as an independent is pure hubris. Independents have a nasty time winning seats in the best of circumstances, and, at the US federal level, the two parties are so huge and so good at commanding the attention of the vast majority of the electorate that running as an independent is really a waste of time and money. (Even Perot with his millions couldn't make much of a dent on the national consciousness.) The thought that Lieberman could beat a Democratic candidate, even if that candidate was a vacuum cleaner, is nothing more than arrogance on his part (maybe that's why he probably won't get the nomination?).

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