Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jobs (with an "s") not enough to get you out of poverty.

I seem to recall that it is a doctrine of conservative thinking that, if the poor suffering masses just got off their butts and got employed, then they would be able to partake in the good life of modern capitalist society. So much for that, eh? Not even two jobs, apparently, is always good enough these days. The stats are just depressing.

This is a CanWest paper, though, so there's a nasty little dig at "big government' at the end:
Meanwhile, the report also notes that despite the impact of government transfers and income taxes the gap in after-tax incomes between rich and poor has widened.
This is disingenuous (which is a nice way of saying "a fucking lie"). Governments at provincial and federal levels have been cutting back on their contributions to poverty reduction since the early '90's. Perhaps if they were to, oh, I don't know, actually spend some money, then there would be an impact? One wonders, though, what the alternative solution is. Just give up? If people coming together, through government, can't solve poverty, then who or what can?

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