Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I did have more to say, honest.

But the continuing degradation of the world is getting to me right now. Here's a few other links to things that are depressing me:

Tony Blair is planning to attack the National Health Service -- so much for public healthcare in the UK. (The letter of what he says is about illness-prevention rather than treatment. But, whenever a right-wing politican starts talking about "instead of" treatment, it's usually a precursor to taking away the funding for the treatment.)

An ABC journalist attack the methodology for an academic study that concluded private and public schooling is no different in terms of achievement, despite not having any qualifications or arguments for doing so.

The US Democrats criticized the Iraqi PM for not being a good little puppet.

In short, the world is not a terribly nice place today, and I'd really rather not deal with it. So, I will end with one final thought: if you haven't seen Superman Returns yet, go and do so. Not because it's nice to dream about beings of immense power who can solve all our problems immediately. But because Superman actually uses his power to help other people, even at his own expense. It'd be nice to find a few more people like that running the actual world.

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