Thursday, July 20, 2006

Have the Ontario Liberals blown it?

This is the kind of issue that can spell electoral disaster. It's odd, really, how little things like a provincial logo can be effective wedge issues on which to wage campaigns. Certainly, the average person isn't too stupid to understand more complex points. Rather, I think it's because the media, more interested in selling ads than providing information, focuses on the former to a far greater extent than the latter. After all, no one would really have noticed this logo until the phase-in was almost complete -- unless the papers were all over it. Moreover, the papers are almost always void of significant policy analysis of either the McGuinty government or the opposing parties. So, really, how else are people supposed to decide who to vote for?

Certainly, people could do their own research and analysis; but, except for perpetual students such as myself, who's really got the time? People have shit to do; they can't be doing policy analysis as well as going to work, cooking dinner, taking care of the kids and cleaning the house. So, really, the corporate media are to blame: the only way the average, busy as hell, person is going to get any sense of what the government (and opposing parties) are really all about is from the newspapers, radio, and television. But, for the most part, the focus is on minutiae like this.

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