Saturday, July 15, 2006

Harper's changing priorities.

This could be more (or less) than it appears. Harper's wait-time guarantee promise seems to have vanished from his radar screen. Now, this could be clever strategy: take it off the table in order to get people talking about it. Or, it could be admitting defeat: the idea was always nonsense (when dealing with limited resources, one can either try to increase the resources or distribute them more fairly, but artificially setting distribution targets based on political expediency is simply ridiculous). Or, he sincerely believes no one's going to notice: that's certainly the Bush pattern of changing priorities. Honestly, I don't know which is right -- it's probably some mix of all three.

The Jurist sees only two possibilities, but I think he/she's generally committed to interpreting others more charitably than they may deserve (no consideration of the "Harper's just dumb" angle).

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