Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fisking a stupid letter to the editor.

The Toronto Star is always, always a wonderful source of stupid letters to the editor. Case in point: this one purports to defend the recent incursion of the Guardian Angels into our city in response to the non-existence "epidemic" of gun violence.
I'm not at all surprised by the hostility the Guardian Angels are getting from Toronto police and the local left-wing politicians.
A double smearing! In the first sentence! The police are lumped in with the left-wing (which is a bizarre pairing, to say the least), and being left-wing is implicitly condemned. Never mind that police may justifiably be concerned about the possibility of vigilantism, and the possibility of citizens being hurt due to participating in or over-relying on the Guardian Angels' activities. Never mind that "left-wing" politicians are usually as concerned with reducing crime as the right. Never mind that the right's general approach of throwing everyone who looks a little different in jail has never done a damn thing to make crime go away.
The Canadian way, it seems, is to depend on the government passing new laws, as a response to crime and problems.
Yes, it's much better for a civilian group to invent its own rules rather than the democratically-elected government passing them.
Trying to do something, especially when you're a civilian, is a no-no.
Lobbying for stronger laws and more funding for police wouldn't count as doing something? You're not doing something unless you're putting your own life, and the lives of others, in greater danger?
Imagine if they actually managed to help the situation, even a little bit.
Imagine if they didn't. Imagine if dinosaurs rampaged through downtown Toronto. I can imagine lots of things. I'm not sure what the mere possibility of success is supposed to do to reassure anyone as to the probability of same.
How embarrassing it would be for the politicians to have volunteer civilians succeeding where the multi-billion-dollar Liberal gun-control policy failed.
Not really "embarrassing". More like "a relief". As in, "what a relief that we don't have to do anything!" Of course, why we can't have a gun registery and some role for volunteer citizens working in accordance with police is apparently not a question this letter-writer considers worth dealing with. Instead, he'll take another gratuitous swipe at "them damn Liberals". (Incidentally, if the Liberal government spends billions to set up a gun registery that police find useful and won't cost much to maintain, but the Cons say they're going to kill the registery, and do it in committee without bothering to go through Parliament, why exactly don't we have Jack Layton as Prime Minister yet?)
We can't have that now, can we? It might weaken the argument for yet more expensive gun-control laws, in response to more street shootings.
Yes, because trying to control the guns that are used to shoot people in the streets makes absolutely no sense when dealing with street shootings.

Congratulations, Damian Kanarek of Toronto, on parading your ignorance on the letters pages of the city's biggest daily.

(Incidentally, if you Google "Damian Kanarek", the first link is to here, a listing of winners in a target shooting competition of some kind in 2003. Gee, maybe that has something to do with why he's so anti-gun-control? Ya think? 'Cause if he had to get a license for his little handgun, why, that'd just be a horrible infringement on his liberty! And stuff. I don't see any way to search the Conservative Party's membership list for his name, which is a pity -- five bucks says his name would show up.)

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