Thursday, July 20, 2006

Federal Cons censoring reality.

Okay, I understand that PM stevie is big on a "Made In Canada" (TM) solution to climate change -- whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. So, expunging references to Kyoto from government websites makes sense. Governments always realign things in accordance with their policies. However. The words "climate change" have been almost completely eliminated, too -- as if PM Stevie has been drinking the climate denial kool-aid. I sincerely hope it's just pandering to the idiot extremists who believe climate change isn't happening; but, on the other hand, I find it entirely too easy to believe that he sincerely doubts the science (which I doubt he even knows) behind climate change.

Stevie has been described to me as more "academic" than "political". It's a misdescription. Academics are a little too enamored of truth to engage in this kind of obfuscation. (Academics like to try to interpret their way around truth, but flat-out denying it is exceedingly rare.) Obfuscation at this level is pure political hackery.

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