Thursday, July 13, 2006

FDA allows unapproved meds on the market.

This is a little scary. Apparently, non-FDA-approved medications are in circulation in the US, in the thousands. They're being prescribed by physicians and dispensed by pharmacies. (I have no idea if there is a similar problem in Canada, nor any idea how to check.) I'd suggest that the physicians and pharmacists in question, if doing this knowingly, be subject to professional discipline up to and including revocation of licenses if the problem is serious enough. But, on the whole, I find myself perplexed by statmenets like this:
The FDA also announced it will begin systematically cracking down on the unapproved prescription medicines, focusing on those that may represent potential safety risks, lack evidence of effectiveness or constitute health fraud.
I'm sorry, but if the FDA hasn't been doing this already, then why the hell do they even exist? Isn't preventing meds from reaching market that have "potential safety risks, lack evidence of effectivenss or constitute health fraud" kind of the point?

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