Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dubya and illegal immigration/Dubya and stem cells.

This little piece on Rove, "Bush's Brain", is illuminating on two fronts. First, Bush is being oddly ambivalent on illegal immigrants. The options are pretty stark, really: either illegal immigrants is illegal and, hence, the people need to be removed from the country; or it is illegal, but should not be, because they form a vital part of the workforce. I can't make these options much more exclusive. So, if they're exclusive, Bush's attempt to split the difference is purely wishy-washy, and I find that hard to comprehend. I know that the "fearless leader" stuff is pure rhetoric, but he seems to have been pretty good at living up to the hype. Why the change.

And, second, Bush will veto a bill allowing stem-cell research that will probably pass both Houses. While I see that he has to pander to the evangelicals, frankly, depriving sick and suffering people of the possibility of new treatments is morally repugnant, and denying scientists the opportunity to pursue a morally neutral research agenda is rationally reprehensible.

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