Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dual citizens, foreign nationals, and Lebanon.

Given the (covertly racist) whining that took place about saving Lebanese Canadians from the violence erupting in recent weeks, I wait patiently (but with no real expectations) for the outcry about this little gem:
a desperate crowd of foreign nationals, including 49 Canadians, escaped war-battered southern Lebanon Wednesday aboard a Canadian-chartered vessel.
That's right: only 49 Canadians out of about a thousand people. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing we saved them. Indeed, the entire evacuation overall might have gone better if ships had just taken anyone who came along -- the benefits of international cooperation in this sort of circumstance are obvious. No, the point is that it's blatantly inconsistent to say that Lebanese Canadians don't deserve help from the Canadian government, but remain silent when non-Canadians are helped out on Canada's tab.

As I said, I wait -- with no particular expectation of being satisfied -- for MPs to speak out against this.

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