Monday, July 31, 2006

College administrators, adjuncts, and making ends meet.

This I find intriguing. Apparently, at least one reason why there's a slew of part-time contract employees (instead of full professors) at US colleges is due to the increasing costs of providing healthcare for employees. That is, salary isn't the reason there's an ever-shrinking pool of good jobs for good academics, nor is it malice from administrators. Interesting.


Adjuncts Unite said...

Not malice? It's not malice to pay adjuncts a pittance, work them to death, provide them no job security, no retirement plan, no place to hang their hats? But, we are provided one thing form our employers and that is invisibility.

Adjuncts Unite said...

Interesting, indeed! G-d save the lowly adjunct. Please!

ADHR said...

No, it's not malice. Malice would imply that admin was actually trying to hurt you. My view is that admin treats adjuncts, sessionals, and grad and undergrad students with total indifference. For them, it's all about money. None of us are people, we're either net profit-generators or net resource-consumers. Since healthcare (at least in the US) is a rising cost, they use that to justify increasing the number of part-time contracted workers over full-time employees -- increasing the net profit-generators and reducing the net resource-consumers.

Again, it's not malice. Malice implies that they care.