Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CHUM bought by Bell GlobeMedia.

Oh, hell. Media consolidation continues, as one of the only vaguely respectable private broadcasters in the country has now been bought by a soulless corporate hegemony. See here. I wonder, though, what the CRTC might say about this. This united company would have CHUM and CTV TV stations in most major markets, as well as (previously) competing radio stations. Although, to make it even more bizarre, I note that TorStar Corporation will also hold part of BGM. Hoo boy. Remember what I said here about there being no press any more, but really just corporate media? This is a prime example of why I think that. The three of the major competitors in the Toronto market -- excluding CanWest -- are now, corporately, linked together. How likely is it that any can be relied upon to give us genuinely fair and balanced coverage?

Addendum: the CBC news just brought to my attention that CHUM owns MuchMusic, while CTV has licensed MTV and runs MTV Canada. One wonders if they'll try to keep both up and running, or kill one -- and, if the latter, which.

Addendum 2: According to e-Talk Daily (hey, there's only 20 channels in this hotel, two of which are hotel information), CHUM is going to be selling off the A-Channel stations. Damn. To whom, I wonder? Or will it just be a fire sale?

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