Thursday, July 27, 2006

Canada's premiers and herding cats.

In a development that should surprise no one, talks amongst Canada's premiers over the transfers from the feds have collapsed. I wonder, though, what the smaller provinces are thinking. Chances are good that if the provinces try to negotiate with Stevie on an individual basis, he'll listen to Ontario (because they can squelch his chances for a majority), Quebec (ditto), and Alberta (his base). The Maritimes can't get Stevie any more power, and I don't believe they really have anything he wants, so why would he bother listening to their concerns? The only ones who might have were the other provinces, in order to present a united front to a potentially hostile PM.

Being an Ontarian, of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing. On the other hand, insofar as this might help pull the country further apart, with the premiers all working at cross-purposes to each other, I'm not quite so pleased.

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