Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another bit of evidence that there's something the matter with Stevie.

Here we have a nice collection of quotes from Finnish, Austrian, Chinese and Canadian (i.e., Stevie) leaders. Three condemned the attacks outright, calling them "unacceptable" and unjustifed. One wanted to find out what happened, and indirectly blamed the victims for not getting out of the way. No points for guessing who the one was.

During the last election, the Cons' slogan was "Stand Up for Canada". I guess that didn't include actually doing anything to defend Canadians. Perhaps I should've read the fine print?


Anonymous said...

Yeah I found it weird after Canadians were killed by Israeli bombing that Harper could only mutter that Israel has the right to defend itself. Of course it does, nobody ever says they don't, but Harper can't possibly articulate what limits that defense should have on it. Apparently indiscriminantly killing Canadians is just part of self defense,

ADHR said...

Unless you're Hezbollah. Then it's not allowed. That's the other thing that's driving me crazy -- the blatant double-standard. Not only is the Prime Minister of Canada refusing to "stand up" for his own people, but he's apparently okay with Israel doing things to Canadians that he wouldn't accept being done by anyone else. The man is really not taking any kind of a principled stand on this issue -- it's sheer opportunistic toadying to Bush. That's the only way to read it that makes any kind of sense.