Monday, June 26, 2006

UN claims cannabis as dangerous as heroin and cocaine.

This makes me wonder how long the US has been dictating UN drug policy. The funny thing is how the twit quoted in the article doesn't see the irony in these two statements:
"Today the harmful characteristics of cannabis are no longer that different from those of other plant-based drugs such as cocaine and heroin," he said. ... It said: "Despite early claims to the contrary, cannabis dependence is a reality. Many people who use cannabis find it difficult to stop, even when it interferes with other aspects of their lives, and more than a million people from all over the world enter treatment for cannabis dependence each year."
If you replace "cannabis" with "tobacco", you still get true statements; the same if you replace it with "alcohol". The point is, illegality is only one way to deal with harmful substances. Social approbation and disapproval is another. The question really is which is more effective. Clearly, we're dumping millions into the "war" against cannabis/marijuana, and just as clearly usage rates are going up. So, we really should try something else, even if cannabis is getting more dangerous. Talking about the potential health effects of the drug is really beside the point.

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