Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Swiftboating Kos.

This is hardly surprising. I tend to think the analysis is spot-on -- whatever Kos may or may not have done, it seems exceedingly minor. However, it demonstrates that the party establishments in Washington, whether Democrat or Republican, are equally hostile towards "outsiders" trying to exercise their constitutionally-guaranteed rights to participate in their own government. I tend to see the same problem here in Canada (hence why I'm not a card-carrying Dipper, despite the fact that I find them the "least worst" of the major parties).

I'm not quite sure what the source of the problem is, but I would suggest that it lies in the fact that one can have a career as a politician. Political parties are massive, power-hungry and monied machines that are largely unregulated (and, really, who would regulate them?) -- which is unlike any other massive, power-hungry and monied machine I can think of. (Even large corporations are subject to independent regulation.) If there were constant turnover of the higher-ups, then this would act as a check on their institutional ossification; but, there is no such turnover. Hence, we see the interests of the populace ignored in favour of the ongoing power interests of an elite -- and, worse, an elite whose claims to being elite are only grounded in their own self-interest.

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