Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New York Times accused of treason by US Senator.

You know, every time I think the US has sunk into abject fascism, they find a new feature to adopt. This time, they're trying to infringe the freedom of the press. It's about the bank records' spying program being leaked, but it's also about this:
Bunning later added that those who leaked the story, plus journalists involved in earlier stories revealing the existence of a National Security Agency program involving eavesdropping on telephone calls also should be looked at for prosecution.
So, to recap: if a free press reports on (a) an illegal program (wire-tapping), and (b) a questionable program, at best, both are acts of treason and the reporters should be prosecuted. The guys who actually instituted the programs should get off scot-free.

Really, at this point, it seems all they need is some version of the SS, beating people up in the streets....

Edit 8:24pm: Glenn Greenwald is on the case.

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