Monday, June 26, 2006

The marking post.

8:17pm: Why is it hard to tell me (1) how utilitarians treat persons, (2) how deontologists disagree, and (3) how the deontologists' concerns might be addressed? I've just given out a "pity 5" on this question for someone who didn't even answer any part of it.

8:28pm: And now I have one that didn't answer (3). Augh!

8:57pm: Okay, I just marked an 18/20 and a 19/20. I feel better about this now. (At least the average will be better than on the midterm. Or so I hope -- this is only the first essay question, after all!)

9:58pm: They're getting much better. And, I'm finally almost done the first essay question! This is the problem with having a required question -- I have to mark thirty of them!

10:15pm: Okay, that's the first question. New post for the second.

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